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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Maybe they should send them to the moon, then

Maybe they should send them to the moon, then

Very good. Let us all scream in unison:

Why do you always have to bring religion in?
When nothing else seems to win
And roads and access are dim
For Lo, the truth will ring in
At at time when reason and human
Wisdom find a space among the din

Because we are stunned beyond the pale into the Dominican Republic, clinging precariously onto a rock looking down a scraggy precipice with rapids rolling down to the Caribbean Sea.

What the hell else are we going to read about?

* My apologies. The original comment above had to be removed because many people who are Christians access this blog. This being an international blog, an effort should be made to make it as devoid of ideology as possible. Also, it is extremely undiplomatic of me or any other writer to criticize people's beliefs. I stand humbled and will strive to circumscribe my comments within the limits of decency.

1 comment:

  1. It's like this crazy "back to Africa" idea by Senegalese president Wade. I don't understand humankind, seriously...