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Friday, January 15, 2010

"Million Man" Antigay March for Uganda | News |

"Million Man" Antigay March for Uganda | News |

As if we did not have our plates full what with all the stresses of life and natural catastrophes in our hemisphere, we are greeted with the news that, heavens help us, another act of complete unconscionable, disconscionable, non-conscionable - add your own - pinheadness in the name of religion is to take place in the near future.

Those people should be focusing their energies on more creative attitudes and deeds and helping to create an atmosphere of good-will and peace in the world. Not that, really. Instead, they resort to sensationalism and cause headache and pain in their own people and in other sensitive souls around the world.

Using the very same rhetorical apparatus that they use in invoking morality, and what not, to say that their nation will be more virtuous because they will subject their own citizens to untold misery, we say that yes, you religious tyrants, surely your day will come, when you will have to face your own prejudices.

A Karma is a Karma is a Karma. Surely the gods in heaven are watching it all very carefully and jotting down your names. They never fail. It is mathematical.

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