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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never underestimate the Power of...

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Ted Haggard’s wife says counseling has cured him of his compulsions

Really? For three years? while we do not discount the affections of the wife and how she connects emotionally with her husband, this grants a lot of room for commentary.

Unwanted compulsions, as we understand them, are repressed feelings like lava bubbling inside a volcano. We must then grit our teeth and take the, pardon me, apparent evidence that the individual in question is cured of his homosexuality. Good for him, we say, for who are we to judge a fellow human being who may be or might have struggled with such a hot button issue like, in their view, unbecoming sexuality?

Surely it is unbecoming when you take your own ideological dogmas and see them as law. Surely you will be considered a hypocrite by whomever once you stray from the path you chose for yourSelf. Some other people will beg to differ and simply regard the matter as another attempt, blatant even, to sell books.

Whatever! Let us all wish them the best we can and hope we never, never, never fall into this kind of "tight skirt" and be forced to reveal, haggardly, before the cameras of the world, for news travels fast, our true colors. Shudder...

1 comment:

  1. I wish them all the best. For a marriage to go through that and to survive it takes a takes love. They may have issues but marriage is all about working together.

    Surely, Woods is in a similar problem. And his wife seems to be sticking by him. That is what a relationship is all about.