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Monday, January 4, 2010

On Fundamentalist Protestantism

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Fundamentalist Protestantism and how it is spreading its roots in our societies. It is happening in the United States, it is happening in Latin America.

Religion has been drilled into us from day one and our inherent fear of God will forever have us shackled to limitations imposed by Churches. We have been taught that Salvation is only achieved through this or that religion. They are now competing, jostling for space. And they want our money.

As the above video shows, the battle cry is MONEY! How more is never enough and all for the service of God. Some of them have been repeating the same line for years. Some of them have been saying that the money is for good causes in Africa. Africa today is still where it was fifty years ago. Africa is their bank accounts.

Scariest of all is the notion that now these Protestants are gaining political force and are part and parcel of conservative political parties. A stumbling block to many avant-garde changes in fundamental Human Rights.

What we need is a more humanistic approach to education. People have to be taught that if they do not display get-up-and-go they will never accomplish anything. God will never, miraculously, shower them with bounties.

Disparities and discrepancies in education have been present in the Americas for centuries. A massive effort to overhaul our educational systems and grant each and everyone quality teaching is the answer. No amount of church-going will change that fact. No amount of praying to some God will change that. No amount of fire and brimstone will cause a shift in the corralled mentality that has been with us ever since we came to be.

Perhaps then, with strong and critical minds, we will be able to better analyze the rhetoric of preachers and their pestilential notions of Divinity. Or better still, they will have faded into the distant past. Lord, help us.

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"In the 18th century the Enlightenment and Evangelical revivals would moderate each other. By the 1870's until today, fundamentalist Protestantism would be at war with both modern science and personal liberty. (Modernism) Today fundamentalists make up about 20 percent of the American population. Most are law-abiding citizens but about one-fourth (5% of the population) belong to assorted fringe churches and operate a kind of low-level terrorism such as attacks on abortion clinics, racism and anti-Semitism, the militia movements, etc. They are obsessed with conspiracy theories claiming Jews, Freemasons, Satan, etc. control America and an apocalypse due any day."

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