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Thursday, January 21, 2010

On Infidelity and Why it Matters

We have read in the news that recently in the United States one politician decided to come clean and acknowledge paternity of a child he had previously denied being his.

It so happens that he had had this ongoing relationship with a campaign employee. Details are immaterial here since we do not wish to carve out lurid morsels of the story and quite frankly, we are not willing to do so.

What is interesting to see is the response of the readership when in reception of the news: "'Scumbag, L*O*S*E*R! Sick bastard,What an idiot!" and so on and so forth.

That sort of reaction is native to the United States, one would think, for nowhere else in the world save perhaps the UK (Mrs Robinson) one hears of such scandalous happenings with politicians once it is a given that most of them have mistresses - or the opposite.

We all know that entire careers have gone down the drain largely due to marital indiscretions. Actually, they happen with astounding frequency. Gay or straight. And in the country to the north they take on national significance. How can you cheat on your wife, pardon the americanism, you moron?

Since we all know that they do engage in under the covers (pardon the pun) business, why don't we focus our attention on more noteworthy developments and leave politicians and their libidos to their families to deal with or get rid of?

We cannot pretend to theorize that is the course of action to be taken, mind you. What we could do is to lift the veil of pretense and hypocrisy that cloak most public servants and see them for what they really are: human beings. Flawed. Is it really a flaw?

We have read somewhere that people in power (throughout history!) are sexually active either with their spouses or someone else, except of course in ascetic religious power structures in which sexuality is negated. Again, untold millions, we hear, are spent on compensation for child abuse. It is in all the papers.

We could carry on rambling till we turn blue about the subject and reach no common ground for we will continue to read about sexual escapades for ages to come. They sell newspapers. The more scandalous the better. Such is life.


  1. No flaws....just another human being cheating.
    Agree 100%...there are sooo many important things and they focus in infidelities...Come on!! But you know what? they don't give a sh...Sex sells, mi dear!!! That's all they care about.

  2. Aren't we all sick and tired of having to put up with this BS, er, nonsense. We know they cheat.

  3. I am sick and tired of people expecting them to be saints. They who rip into politicians argue that an individual who cheats is also dishonest. That is their argument.

    I couldn't care less.

  4. Mark Sanford will be thrilled. Lift the veil of pretense and hypocrisy to reveal the human being? Is it really a flaw? I think most people know they are human beings...human beings who have the power to tell us how to live our lives with the power of taxation and law. Hypocrisy and lying are pretty substantial flaws in a politician...and I really don't care where or how he gets his friction.

  5. Happy Hour, these "human beings" should know that we are hip to their jive and we are no longer willing to take BS home.