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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On Pool Parties, Lollipops and Furious Neighbors

It has just occurred to this humble writer that in order to raise some badly needed cash to get some outstanding debts (heaped on him through no fault of his own and he is glad to say he is biding his time...) out of his sight, he should throw a pool party. That is, throw open the doors of his condo and welcome his guests on a hot Sunday afternoon. Poo, poo, there is a pool in the premises. All of his own.

All this because a friend of his, named after a goddess, says she is attending one such event in which if you attend wearing pool-wear you pay less or in full clothes, you pay more. And you get, guess what, lollipops. Very interesting.

For that to happen, he should perhaps consider adding sleeping (of the phytotherapeutic kind) "chemicals" (very temporarily) into the water reservoir and have his two-hundred-year-old neighbors doze off for a few hours thereby avoiding being bothered with their complaints of the loud noise seeping down. And other reverberations...

He should perhaps start weighing the pros and cons: damage to his property and whatnot, booze, tropical juices and fruits and beer. Ah, the clean-up crew he should hire for the after-party.

Or better still, if he could get his hands on any two such guests and yoke them and, whip in hand, have them scrub the tiles and, quite frankly, change the water in the pool. Is it worth the stress? Oh, Summer vagaries.


  1. As with all business ventures, one needs to figure out the costs and the profit margin and charge accordingly. One also has to bare in mind that sometimes charging more will generate more interest for something than charging less will according to who will attend.