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Sunday, January 3, 2010

On Red Flags

Obviously, it is unfathomable the repercussion of the facts laid bare on the video above. The whole HIV science is so entrenched in our imaginary that anything resembling dissidence will cause disbelief if not outright shock.

To deny what we have been reading over the last twenty-five years and also to deny deaths of friends because of the so-called HIV label is near to impossible. However, what the chief AIDS exponent and recipient of a Nobel Prize, Luc Montagnier, had to say about HIV is groundbreaking. And dogma-shattering.

If what the dissidence says about the whole AIDS Construct is true, please stop this Earth-ship, I want to get off to never be born on this hellhole, yes, worse than hell, again. At least in hell you know what to expect.

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