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Thursday, January 7, 2010

On Sexual Health

Should you want to take the trouble to cut and paste the link below and then read the story on the CNN website, you will come across a very nice story about how more sex is beneficial to your health.

The video segment also is all very effusive about this straight couple who decided to have sex every day during the month of December and how they plan to keep going through the motions in January this year. The written part lists the benefits of frequent sex and how important it is for one's life.

Hopefully, they will carry out such a vital activity all throughout this year and in years to come. All power to them.

All very well, we say, until we look more closely and notice that in the story highlights most "health benefits seem to be linked to penile-vaginal intercourse."

Is it really? Last I checked the whole issue has to do with friction. Explained clearly, orgasm is attained by friction plus the consenting attitude of two (three, or even more!) people - regardless of their gender. In other words, two penises will, please hold me steady, reach the heights of orgasm as will two vaginas. Or, quite frankly, any other (one!) two people who might engage in some other form of sexual release.

This writer has interviewed post-op transsexuals and they have sworn under a cross that they did have orgasms when engaging in sexual relations with their partners. Put bluntly, when they were penetrated...

I sincerely hope I am not throwing a spanner in the works and render their story poo-poo-like once, had they taken the trouble to expand further, they would have found out that there are a world of possibilities out there. The biases we have to put with.


  1. It's CNN. I think I made some comments to you previously about media catering more to middle America and the middle classes than anyone else, so of course they would focus mainly on straight sex. However, it has been shown that frequent male masturbation is good for the health of the prostate, as is stimulation of the prostate which happens during anal sex, but to think that CNN would report on such a thing? Nope, it won't happen.

  2. Somebody told me recently that you can read on the packaging of most lubes and condoms that they are not recommended for anal sex. Same disguised prejudice.

  3. Eduardo, about that. Lubes. I have read somewhere in the HIV dissidence that no, the lube is not supposed to be used they way it is used by gay people...It contains harmful chemicals. That is why a chemist friend of mine told me to make my own with glycerine and other innocuous stuff...Explore at

    J.P. CNN would not report on that, definitely.