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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On Voting, Corrupt Politicians and the Need to do Something

Question: Why do we vote people into Office?

Answer: Because of the pressure of advertising and because we must vote in this country if we want our lives to run “smoothly”.

Comment: In Brazil, for you to be able to regularize one of our foremost identification papers, what we call CPF, we need to present our voting card. Imagine that.

Again, corruption exists everywhere. If one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Greed, has decided to make its presence known through politics, what is there for us to do, except cry for help? I’m rather cynical when it comes to politics. “It’s the economy, stupid” says one American president. Well, when the economy rules there is nothing we can do. Or is there? We might want to colonize another planet, terraform it and start over. However, we will want to leave our human nature behind.

That is precisely why we need to overhaul our educational system, and our society at large. Why don’t we start by “recalibrating” our cultural industry: smart lyrics and not the “bitch, babe, kind of crap” prevalent in imports and the equivalent national fare.

We have got to invest in our country’s imaginary. We need a hero. Not a hero from the soccer fields, or car racing. We need a hero for all the nation. A messiah?

Another world is possible runs the motto of the World Social forum. Of course it is. It takes some time. However, we will have to take the first step. If in our Power capital the status quo is indigest, it is chiefly because we want it so.

Why don’t we take to the streets as is the example in one of neighboring countries, Argentina? Why do we take crap from these ill-intentioned people? We have to remember that the most advanced countries in the world are not immune to this kind of distortion. Rogue elements are part and parcel of every group and cluster of people, of living organisms. It’s in nature. Do we want to get rid of them? How do we go about it?

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