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Friday, January 8, 2010

Portugal to pass marriage equality legislation

Portugal to pass marriage equality legislation

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"Portugal’s parliament is likely to approve a bill legalizing marriage for same-sex couples Friday, just five months before a scheduled visit by Pope Benedict XVI to the heavily Catholic country, according to a report by Agence France Presse."

Our take:

Who new?

In enlightened Europe, if you are gay, you can marry your significant other in Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and let us keep our friends crossed, Portugal.

In the Americas, some states of the United States like:

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York

And let us not be discouraged by the jaw-breaking contents of the following video, always bearing in mind that this is just a bump on the road. Onward Spiritual soldiers!

Same-sex marriage bill defeated in New Jersey Senate vote

In open-minded Canada and, incredibly, Mexico and (by special decree) Argentina.

In South Africa. Check it yourself. Heavens willing, and loads of campaigning to help, the remaining American states and, pinch me, within this decade, Brazil and in the other countries of Latin America gay marriages will see the light of day.

There is hope in the world.

As a celebration, this writer will exalt his Portuguese heritage by using his very long portuguese family name.

Mauro José Martins dos Santos Pena Paim. Signed and stamped.


  1. You guys do like in most Spanish-speaking countries, Pena is your father's and Paim your mother's or it doesn't work like that?

  2. Like this, Eduardo, this is all from my father's side, both paternal and maternal. My mother's origins are from Africa and the surnames are a muddle. But it should be one from my father and one from my mother. That's the way it goes in Brazil.

    It awesome good news, indeed, J.P

  3. OK, first, your full name is gorgeous. Just sayin...

    Second, go Portugal! Seems Europe and the Americas - save the US - are getting on board with marriage equality.