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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Say No More: The Banned Words of 2010

Say No More: The Banned Words of 2010

From Time Magazine:


The complete 2010 list:
1. Shovel-ready
2. Transparent/Transparency
3. Czar
4. Tweet
5. App
6. Sexting
7. Friend as a verb
8. Teachable Moment
9. In These Economic Times...
10. Stimulus
11. Toxic Assets
12. Too Big to Fail
13. Bromance
14. Chillaxin'
15. Obama as a prefix

My take:

Not just yet, please. Before you relegate these words to the sidelines, let me try my hand at them.

Shovel-ready, to implement or to bury. I'll take the second: In a previous post, I bade good riddance to things and people I liked the least in 2009. In my mind, they are shovel-ready to go eat grass from underneath.

Transparent, as in see-through. As in: Political transparency is wishful thinking. There is no transparency in politics.

Czar, someone in a position of high authority. As in: We will find czars in politics. Especially the partisan kind.

More: I tweet, I don't take kindly to new apps and I never sext. I sex. Friending people who just pick me out of a list of millions is a daunting task.

I consider it a teachable moment when I finally see things in my face. And in these economic times, to overspend is not a good idea, especially in the United States.

Stimulus package of several kinds...Do you agree? Those toxic assets remind me never to invest in some banks on Wall Street. Shudder.

Too big too fail. Well, The higher you go, the higher the fall. It fails, believe me.

Bromance. In your dreams. It usually is so open nowadays. Where is the magic of bromance?

I chillax when I write. And finally, I wish my American friends lots of Obama-hope.


  1. Nice post. We should not dear words. We should fear the ideas they create. Our problem in the US, is that we'd rather create a word for something and get bored with the word than actually correct the situation that stimulated the creation of the word.

  2. Thanks, Stan. Reminds of "tea-bag" and how those you deplore have (mis)used the word to advance their agendas. Icky.

  3. Great post - I like your take it on - the words are not loaded with meaning, we assign meaning to them. Some of these words are really worthwhile.

    That being said, "bromance" should go; they should just admit are gay gay gay...

  4. Right, Brahm, Just like Humpty-Dumpty who says words mean what he wants them to. Bromance is an ugly word, by the way. It should be as you say, plainly, gay.

  5. Hey hello.
    May I know why have this words been banned??
    That is beacuse it is silly to ban words!