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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Profitable Wars and Soaring Speeches

The video speaks volumes and any other add-ons will only get in the way. However, it is to everyone's advantage that those who fight the battles waged against the exotic, the unchristian and the dispossessed for some mineral under their feet, are waking up and smelling the coffee. This is great.

It seems simplistic to say that it is often the powers that be that decide where to start the next war. Is it not the plain truth? Luckily, we the people, we are way too savvy to fall for the usual propaganda and be deceived by their smooth talk, soaring speeches and endless meetings at the United Nations. They are all in it together.

Our cynicism says that a world of peace is not profitable. A world of good-will will not bring gold, oil and precious stones to their coffers. We all are very well aware that wars are waged to disguise what in previous eras was known as plunder.

Once one land is raked clean of its riches, it is abandoned to the vultures and the stench of death. We have very clear proof of that now that the soul of Haiti has been exposed on our TV screens.

If we could only do our own tiny bit and convey to our leaders we are not willing to stand by their idea of how the world should be run and if we started now, we will perhaps reach a stage where peace of mind and relative (!) prosperity for all in our societies is materialized. A better world.

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