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Friday, January 29, 2010

When Your High Blood Pressure Peaks

Following up on a previous post on men's health on this blog, it is timely to point out that had our own chief of state heeded the message his own Health Ministry is putting forward, he would have had the chance to go on that trip to Switzerland to claim his "Global Statesman Prize".

"After a hectic week of ceremonies, visits and interviews Lula da Silva was preparing to fly to Switzerland when his personal doctor who had checked him several times for what seemed flu symptoms and chest and throat pains, decided he should not travel and had him interned in the local hospital of Recife, northeast of Brazil". (

"As is the example with breast or other cancers, people tend to seek help when their disease is far too advanced for help and the program aims at just that: prevention. 'Precious time is lost when that happens,' says José Gomes Temporão, Health Minister, 'when they arrive at the health services it’s because they have reached a critical stage.'” (

Er, hem, hem, the president will now have to go easy on that styrofoam box and its contents...

Let's all wish him well.

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