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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Daylight Saving Time ends Feb. 21 in Brazil

Daylight Savings Time ends Feb. 21 in Brazil

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From Digital Journal

"Due to a presidential decree in 2008, DST is to have fixed dates for the beginning and end of the period. The time change is to occur every third Sunday of the month of October until the third Sunday of February. If the ending date coincides with Carnival, DST is to be moved to the next Sunday of the month."

Phew! Good Riddance DST. For those of us who hate the subtracted hour from our eight-hour beauty program, the return to the usual time is a big boon.

Of course, there are those who will say that DST promotes all sorts of good things including economising energy. Well, we agree. However, nowhere is it written that we should like it just because people up in the corridors of power decide that there must be DST here in our neck of the planet.

At least now, as the snippet describes, there is a presidential decree saying when to start and when to finish the tampering with almighty Chronus. Great, we say. We can now brace for it psychologically and stock up on a surplus of good-will to live through the next time shift later this year.

Good news for some of our readers in the Northern Hemisphere who are experiencing teeth-shattering cold and snow, for when this happens our Summer is past its peak, and Autumn is just around the corner meaning Spring is about to show Herself clothed in multicolored garments north of the Rio Grande.

Pass me those cucumber slices, please.



  1. Do they uses these days to remind you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors?

  2. Sean, as far as I know very few of us have smoke detectors...


  3. Am I reading that correctly? Three successive Sundays in a month, there is the adjustment of an hour? Oh my God, I'd practically be dead by the end of the month. I'm useless without enough sleep.

    We have a few states here that don't practice daylight savings, and I have to admit, I envy Arizona every time our "Spring ahead" time looms its sleep depriving head.

    Well done, Brazil. Naps for everyone!

  4. No, Shimp. DST occurs once every year - from October to February - with fixed dates now. Like this: Third sunday of February to the third Sunday of October.