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Friday, February 5, 2010

Haiti's Baby Lift: Save the Children, Don't Just Take Them

Haiti's Baby Lift: Save the Children, Don't Just Take Them


"Given how historically lax Haiti has been about legal protections for children, that was a welcome move. So, many believe, was bringing charges against the missionaries. It might get more foreigners to recognize that perhaps the best way to help Haiti's children isn't by plucking them out of their country but by helping to rebuild it so they'll have a safer place to grow up in; and it might prod more Haitians to recognize how wrong their own indifference to child-trafficking is. Many of the children found in the New Life bus have since been reunited with their families — and back in a battered country that may now feel a stronger commitment to shielding them."

Vox populi:

Lovely text by Tim Padgett over at TIME.

Since we are not there and most of what we write we write with an armchair perspective, the story above caused a little bit of trepidation when we read about the restavek phenomenon in Haiti.

Now if I am going to breed children to rester avec (stay with) other people for the sole purpose of drudgery and the gods know what else, then I am liable to be reprimanded on the strongest possible terms for allowing that to happen.

People in fragile situations and environments have to be taught, and here the professorial tone seems censurable, that it is absolutely okay for us to engage in sexual relations and derive all the prerogatives of such acts but we have to do it with the awareness that most frequently we will be bringing another soul into this world.

Bringing another child into this world, we all know, is a lot of responsibility, hard work and perhaps self-abnegation. Parents out there will agree with us.

How do we go about explaining and touching upon this super ultra mega hyper subject without treading on other people's toes? We most definitely will, for sure.

Suggestions on how to promote birth control in nations to the South are fraught with risks. We all know that. Risks coming from all quarters. We need knot mention them

We need not look any farther than our own backyard, Latin America, to observe that the Restavek wave, albeit in a different exoskeleton, but with the same ultimate purpose, plagues our streets and shantytowns. We send our offspring out to beg for alms risking their lives in busy intersections. Or we send them out to live under bridges in most unsanitary conditions. It is painful to watch them sniffling glue.

Perhaps the time is ripe for us to get up and do the walking, for our talking and endless meetings at the United Nations have so far, we all know, done very trickly little to put the kibosh on this more than inhumane practice. It is simply heartbreaking.

Do you have the answer?

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