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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can't Resist

Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can't Resist

From Time Magazine


"If you're like most people, you're way too smart for advertising. You flip right past newspaper ads, never click on ads online and leave the room during TV commercials.

That, at least, is what we tell ourselves. But what we tell ourselves is hooey. Advertising works, which is why, even in hard economic times, Madison Avenue is a $34 billion--a--year business. And if Martin Lindstrom--author of the best seller Buyology and a marketing consultant for FORTUNE 500 companies, including PepsiCo and Disney--is correct, trying to tune this stuff out is about to get a whole lot harder.

Two bits:

Hooey, indeed. It's not only advertising trying ever harder to get us to stop in our tracks and have us dash to the nearest Mall to consume consume consume but there is, we all know, a whole world out there intent on controlling our very thoughts.

Religion. By capitalizing on our fears of the unknown (or known!) and by promising us heaven on earth, religious groups are able to keep us all glued in lethargic stupor.

Remember Jim Jones, Guyana, 18 November, 1978?

Mass suicide leaves 900 dead
The bodies of 914 people, including 276 children, have been found in Guyana in South America. Most of the dead - members of the People's Temple Christian Church - had consumed a soft drink laced with cyanide and sedatives.

Politicians. By capitalizing on our fears of the known (or unknown!) and by promising us heaven on earth, politicians are able to keep us all ensnared by our own desire for change. Does it help any? No, it doesn't. For all they seem to do is to cater to financial interests and, forbid our cynicism, stashing money in their underwear. At least they they do precisely so here in our half of the Hemisphere.

Remember so-and-so (add your own name favorite pollie)? - No link here because we do not want to enrage vested interests.

The Culture Industry. By keeping us glooed to TV sets and forcing us to consume excremental content offered by the latest Frankesteinish personality - for they draw from various sources - and very frequently ramming down our throats their brand of pop culture, we are left with nowhere to go but Mars. That is, once and if it is ever terraformed and able to support life, we will not be getting away from their "maleficious" (just made this one up) influence...

Right, we can cherry-pick this or that "product" and then pretend that, yes, we have heard or seen that song or movie...

Here's a high-brow link for you, if you care..

Now, will you stop before you say more than you should. Pity they're doing away with Ugly Betty. I did so sympathize with her.

I'll read Dracula instead.


  1. I work in advertising. I know, we're brainwashers, but at least we also get brainwashed ourselves. One thing I can say: It's a lot of fun though.
    Cool post.

  2. Thank you, Marq. The photo is from the 'general store'. And yes, Juz, I know. I did advertising in college as well but majored in Journalism.

  3. I spent almost 40 years in advertising and the rest teaching college. I know the effects, the causes and all that is involved. You are so right. Just take a look at what the Republicans have been able to accomplish by telling lies and exploiting people's fears.
    Voce é muito intelectual, como Camoes...o seu blogue está muito bem feito. Obrigado pelos comentarios.

  4. Muito Obrigado, Raulito. Vc vê além do Blog...Isto é uma arte.