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Monday, February 1, 2010

On Child-Smuggling - Update

An update

Surely we cannot rush to condemn, as the mainstream media do(es), the protagonists of this developing story. Common sense makes us grant them the benefit of doubt until proven guilty.

We should wait and see what transpires in court today for should it be established that they had a malicious intent to remove the kids from their environment, chaotic as it is, then we will have a field day. We will spread the word to the seven winds and raise, pardon me, hell.

Meanwhile, let us all go about our day pretending all is fine in Gaialand and that the only cares we have in our particular corners of this big wide world are the watering of the plants, the feeding of the house pets and that bottle of red we are to share with that important two-legged creature with a sizable brain, for we have given up on brawns, to lighten our loads...Cheers!


  1. hehe nicely put. We'll wait and see... But the whole thing looks to similar to that other scandal in Chad with the NGO l'Arche de Zoé...

  2. You got that right, Eduardo. Let us write about that.