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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not So Pretty in Pink: Are Girls' Toys Too Girly?

Not So Pretty in Pink: Are Girls' Toys Too Girly?



"The not-so-subtle pressures of this marketing can damage self-esteem and feed worries about body image and appearance later in life, the sisters say. They also link it to a celebrity-obsessed culture that undermines adult women by glorifying glamour figures like Paris Hilton, while neglecting those women engaged in more serious pursuits."

Of course! Who do you think you are kidding? In the Western world propaganda starts very early. The informant-sources in the article should by now be savvy of all the goings-on and the lengths The Culture Industry will go to to advance its consumerist agenda.

We are awash, literally, by consumerist advertising and poking. Now if you wish to be free of such vile influences perhaps you should consider moving to Mars. And there is no guarantee that once there you are going to be entirely free of such designs.

Universities this Hemispherewide are busy at work devising ways to get to Mars and how to terraform it and render it inhabitable by humans. Guess what? Have you not seen Wall-E?

It is only natural that the Industry, let us call it that way, will find ways to market to this very malleable demographic niche, i.e. children, to better prepare the way for when they grow older.

We have written about this in a previous post and, quite frankly, do not see anything untoward about this. Or kind of. In a certain way we, in the Western world, rely heavily on manufactured goods and they are job-makers. We need those jobs.

At the same time, echoing the article, we do see the need for a major rethink in the way we perceive or let the Industry dictate values and parameters for our own living. The Industry, however, should know that we are hip to their jive.

prop·a·gan·da   /ˌprɒpəˈgændə/ –noun
1.information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

propaganda. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved March 31, 2010, from website:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

On Lumping People Together in Phamaceutical Experiments

MICHAEL: Going too far to battle disease - Washington Times

"A pharmaceutical experiment on hundreds of mostly black homosexual men and heterosexual women in Washington is about to be undertaken by U.S. AIDS czar Dr. Anthony S. Fauci with the enthusiastic backing of the District's black mayor, Adrian M. Fenty, voiced in a January announcement. The experiment radically departs from medical "best practices" of offering antiretroviral chemotherapy for life to HIV-positive persons only after they exhibit depressed levels of CD4 T-cells and are judged to be at significant risk of contracting opportunistic illnesses associated with AIDS."

What is new? It has happened before with other pathologies. It might as well happen now. We all know that ramming drugs down people's throats is the modus operandi of many a pharmaceutical company.

Granted, many times granted that there is a time and a place for drugs in our lives and we are all very much aware that drugs save lives. However, dispensing drugs, as the article implies, without proper research into whether patients really need them, is a total violation of Human Rights.

Choosing this particular demographic group is particularly controversial. First and foremost, Blacks in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world, in this country inclusive, vastly under-represented, should way before any draconian measure, be granted access to better education, food and housing.

We do not want to be reminded of Katrina. We do not want to be reminded of documentaries on National Georgraphic and Hollywood films. People who have been to the United States, and natives alike, all know the ills pervasive in Black communities.

That said, since this is a particularly important development, it would behoove Black leaders and authorities to wise up and learn that before rushing to the drugstore, one has to be able to eat properly, have access to health care and live with dignity. Then and only then, drugs, when necessary, can be administered.


April 4, 2010.

See this article for more on "hit early, hit hard: new strategies for HIV" infected people in San Francisco in the United States.

noun: mo·dus op·e·ran·di   /ˈmoʊdəs ˌɒpəˈrændi, -daɪ; Lat. ˈmoʊdus ˌoʊpɛˈrɑndi/
mode of operating or working.

modus operandi. (n.d.). The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. Retrieved March 28, 2010, from website: operandi

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Porto Alegre!


The Pampas. The early inhabitants of South America. Portuguese and Spanish Colonization. Cattle rustling. The French Revolution. Positivism of Auguste Comte.

Massive European immigration: Portuguese from the Azores, Germans, Poles, Italians, Jews and African slaves. Julio de Castilhos. War heroes. Order and Progress. RS. Porto Alegre, 239 years old on March 26, 2010.

Horse Rider With Boleadoras
The quintessential gaúcho image

National Geographic
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Biological Exuberance and Animal Diversity

Do you remember this book? I swear I'm not plugging it. I had a copy in early 2000 I remember, but it's gone the way of the crow. Never seen it since.

That's what you get when you allow access of exotic creatures into your abode. You get the shitty end of the bar. I digress...

Now, grudgingly, Science does admit the central thesis of the book. Well, a decade later, we read in one British Paper of two rare ducks that have taken to each other "like ducks to water."

Ben and Jerry are said to be turning down the advances of their female companion, Cherry, refusing to mate with her, prompting one reader of the article to say: "Gay ducks, how lovely .... but come on guys, do your duty for Queen and country! Then you can set up a love nest!".

To no avail. The feathery creatures seem to have eyes and bills for each other solely to the exclusion of all else in their midst. Interesting, isn't it?

A certain feeling of belonging in this very diverse world also manifested itself very clearly.

We cannot but be sure the Creator most certainly new what She/He/It was doing when fashioning this never ending Universe.

Why is it we never see Bible-thumpers and the like ranting about these lovely animals? Surely they must read outside of their narrow philosophical enclaves. Hopefully, they should.

Update: March 31st

Can Animals be Gay?

This is a New York Times Magazine profound look at the subject. And here below, from a fellow blogger's, Blue Trucker Red State. Check out his post at

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Children Are Thrown Out the Window

Surreal stuff, really, but it has happened in Brazil. Actually, it happened two years ago in São Paulo.

When on the way home from the stepmother's parents' house in the north side, amidst a fight the couple were having in the car, the stepmother reaches back and hits the child on the forehead with some object to the point of drawing blood. The blood was stanched with a diaper.

When home, the child is carried back inside by the father and thrown on the floor, injures her hip and wrist. All the while, the child's younger stepbrother watches in horror and cries: "Stop, dad! Stop!"

Immediately afterwards, all very unclear and subject to judicial interpretation, the safety net is slashed and the young girl is thrown from the sixth floor to land with a thud on the garden down below. A veritable whodunit. A burglar as the defense alleges or the dad and the stepmother?

The trial started today. The couple is being heard. The jury has been summoned.

Isabella Nardoni was just five. May Justice prevail.

Monday, First Day

Mother testifies and, in tears, reveals dad as being "absent" and stepmother as "agressive."

Tuesday, Second Day

Coroner Paulo Sergio T. Alves says Isabella was killed in the apartment and then thrown out the window. He displayed photos of the bruises sustained by the child.

Forensic Expert Eduardo Doria’s testimony, the highlight of the day, says that girl died of suffocation and then thrown to the floor violently. These attacks would have been determining factors more than the *defenestration from the sixth floor.

Wednesday, Third Day

Another forensic expert, Rosangela Monteiro, testifies that the girl had been hurt before entering the apartment and that she was bleeding. The blood found at the site was Isabella's. She said further that the safety net marks on the dad's t-shirt show that he was the one to throw the girl out the window.

Thursday, Fourth Day

Father and stepmother testify. There was no confrontation between the mother and the Father. Stepmother says that up until now she does not know what happened on the day Isabella died and that "it's a mystery for the whole wide world and for myself as well. I ask myself everyday what happened." More tears.

Friday, Fifth Day

Jury to give verdict according to the evidence presented in court. Sentencing to be heard late on Friday or very early Saturday.


Guilty. Both the dad, condemned to spend the next 31 years and a month and the stepmother, condemned to spend 26 years and eight months in prison for the murder of Isabella. Ironically, their respective ages today.
Live Blog Coverage

the act of throwing a thing or esp. a person out of a window.

defenestration. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved March 24, 2010, from website:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blue Fins Going West

Are the Japanese eating us out of our lakes and oceans?

They will have none other but themselves to blame, naturally, if this *ichthyological doomsday scenario comes to pass.

We are all very well aware that the world's food resources are dwindling and that the rapid increase of the world population is taking its toll on the fragile ecological balance that serves to keep us nourished and prevents us from going hungry.

According to an article in The Guardian in 2007, the prospects are not good if an overhaul of the current policies towards food production is not carried out.

John Vidal, The Guardian's environment editor, writes: "Supply will be further restricted if fish stocks continue to decline due to overfishing, and if soils become exhausted and erosion decreases the arable area."

What are we to do? Within the possibilities, exert further pressure by writing and raising awareness that it is all very much up to us to decide the fate of our scant food resources and do our utmost best to preserve and conserve what little we have of our arable land and fish stocks in our oceans.

Farewell Blue Fin Tuna!

And in France, see video below:

In depth on Aljazeera English - Inside Story with Nick Clark

*noun ich·thy·ol·o·gy   /ˌɪkθiˈɒlədʒi/
the branch of zoology dealing with fishes

ichthyological. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved March 24, 2010, from

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Game of Death: The Power of Television

Al Jazeera

From Time

Would they allow themselves to be cajoled into delivering near-lethal electrical charges to fellow players, or rather follow their better instincts and refuse?

In Game of Death, 81% of contestants went all the way by administering more than 20 shocks up to a maximum of 460 volts.

One cent:

The effect television has on people alone is not enough for us to draw conclusions on why we humans will submit ourselves to authority. And more often than not, be led down a precipice. We all know we are under the spell of a gigantic manipulative power that keeps us glued to the latest drop of dirty gossip oozing out of TV screens.

Surely in Academia, scholars have devoted countless hours of their time to study the phenomenon. If you are one of those highbrow readers who are already in the know and condescendingly allow a certain measure of Reality TV to waft into your living-room, as here in Brazil, with our yearly dose of the Big Brother Reality Show, you would be hard pressed to spot anything new in the Game of Death.

It is just what the media critic at the end of the Time article says, it is a confluence of factors that are to blame. As the Reality Show in French TV has just aired, we do not know yet its ill or good effects on what is considered one of best read cultures in Europe.

Now, scary as it seems, if the results in the article indicate that upwards of 80% of the contestants in the shows were "trigger-happy" to administer electric shocks when the subjects answered questions incorrectly, there is very little I can add.

I'd much better turn to Poe for entertainment. I will be in the right hands.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Dirty Linen is Inevitable

Vatican unleashes exorcist for campaign of crazy

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We stand corrected. When we say that sexual scandals happen in the Northern Hemisphere, we are not being entirely right. We are being selective.

The shocking video above says otherwise. Brazilian Catholic priests, and in the image above, an 82-year-old priest, being taped having sex with a kid is a testament that this world is upside down.

We have no agenda. We have no reason to write about this other than let everyone know that the current wave of unimaginable abuse is happening under our very noses, and by people we look up to. Or thought we did.

We do not wish to undertake to translate and subtitle the video for it is a daunting task and a sad one at that. The gist is, though, that when you entrust your children to those you think are honest representatives of Christ on Earth, you come away with the feeling that there is something wrong.

And when we hear that in official communications out of their headquarters there is no mentioning of the fact, but that they zero in on one single country only, we think, quite franky, that this is done on purpose. Who are we kidding?

Also, the Salon article sheds light on the whole scene. What a perfect excuse.

We are so sorry for those kids. We are so sorry at the simplicity with which they seem to approach the subject.

Gist: The video shows a lawyer for the priest trying to persuade the young man to lie and threatening him with heavens know what should they whole dark doings come to light.

Disgusting and predatory!

On Toy Boys and Other Stuff

Glory Be! The international market now boasts the arrival of the ultra-modern Hercules.

Hercules, latex-made in exact imitation of the human skin to the smallest detail, with hairy arms and legs, will undoubtedly take down many physical-ed teachers and other hunks who jog along the lakeshore.

Hercules, 6 ft tall, US$ 4,300, available in the Anglo, Hispanic or African version, 188 pounds of muscles, is custom made for those who do not have a real friend breathing down their necks.

This marvel, programmed with five thousand functions - overkill! - which include abs to paramarital exercises and Zen meditation, is always in an upbeat mood.

Say good-bye to that one your politically correct self calls a companion and acquire Hercules. The toy-boy that is ruling the waves. Satisfaction guaranteed!


In Portuguese

Glória! Chegou ao mercado internacional o ultra-moderno Hércules. Feito de látex que imita pele humana até o último detalhe, com pêlos nos braços e nas pernas, o nosso Toy Boy deixa no chão muitos professores de educação física e outros bonitões que correm à beira do Guaíba.

Hércules, R$ 7.700,00 disponível na versão anglo, hispânica ou africana, 1.85m, 80 kgs de músculos virtuais, é de inestimável importância para pessoas que não possuem um amigo real.

Programado com cinco mil funções (um exagero!), que vão dos exercícios abdominais aos paramaritais e (pasmem!) meditação Zen, está sempre de bom-humor e vem com garantia de dez anos.

Dê adeus àquele chato que você chama de (politicamente correto) companheiro e adquira Hércules – o Toy-Boy do momento. Satisfação garantida!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cornel West - On Color Blindness and Gender Inclusion

Al Jazeera English - Fault Lines - Cornel West

We need a direct job policy.

That's right. It takes a man of this caliber to say it point blank that our elect are there to advance the agenda of vested interests. They have no interest whatsoever in advancing the agenda of the poor.

Their chief concern, one believes, is how to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Deep down, we all know that and, clutching at straws, we still think that the savior is there for us. Absolutely not. They would never have been where they are if they were to gainsay the claims of Wall Street.

It does not matter who it is. The hemisphere is taken. Or isn't the whole wide world?

What about race? Gender inclusion? Oh, brother!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Chemicals and How They Rule Our Lives

We live in a chemical world. We live largely due to our chemistry.

All matter is made of atoms composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The center, or nucleus, of the atom is composed of positively charge protons and neutral neutrons. The outside of the atom has negatively charged electrons in various orbits.

Perfect arrangement. Now when we try to tamper with our native chemistry by adding or subtracting by way of synthetic drugs, we are doing ourselves and others a huge disservice.

Often, we have read in the news, the results are disastrous - a literal disconnect from the stars as the word implies.

When we read about young people, especially those big in the cultural industry, we see it in high definition. We say they are leaving this world untimely. We say that it is a shame and we grieve for their ill-starred fate.

What to do? There's nothing we can say or do when pain of whatever kind is involved. People have pains. They have existential angst.

When it comes to celebrities, they feel smothered by the very establishment that has breathed life into them. When devoid of it, they wither and die. It is a vicious cycle.

When not overusing chemicals largely made available by the mammoth pharmaceutical industry, albeit and perhaps a bit hypocritically denied to some and stocked ad nauseam in their medicine cabinets, celebrities are said to be members of post-modern cults.

From the outside looking in, we get the feeling that their lives, if not managed in perfect synchronicity with the highest standards of living and strong spiritual guidance, are doomed to the annals of the eternal sleep.

Are we here to judge those who resort to chemicals for their "release"? No, we are here because we care. We are here because we are humans and feel their pain. We are here to to say that there are Other things worth consuming. And those are not found in back-room and shady schemes with bought-out go-betweens. They are eternal and found WITHIN each and everyone. They are all there. Search.

On Language and the Multiplication Table

Poking my nose in it

Here's what you do: As was the example with the Wise Latina, read the classics in the cannon of western literature. You may want to sample the Brontës, Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, Bram Stoker, Jane Austen. Walt Whitman and many others. Also, do please remove the "likes" and "you knows", "alrights" and "to for too's" from your vernacular. That should help, in my humble opinion.

Response on Facebook for a repost from the New York Times.

Dear Writer,

We believe you are rather too simplistic in suggesting such a plan of reading usually pursued at college level at the best universities where English is either taught or used as medium of instruction.

You have to be aware that the problem of low standards in language skills in this nation is very complicated and has many tentacles. Ours being a country of immigrants and widespread inequality, it is very much obvious to all and sundry that a few will have access to the best education and the vast majority will be left to fend for themselves as regards the above-mentioned problems. (actually, in the link below )

You cannot possibly demand to equalize your own linguistic skills with those which the wider world seems to think is acceptable for optimum communication. They may very well have their sights at the level next to the ground.

We suggest in the strongest possible terms that you undertake a research - sociological, and perhaps demographic - to better situate your commentary. While we applaud your own efforts to express yourself with magestical aplomb, we still think we have a long road ahead concerning our language and mathematical skills.

Also, while sitting prettily in your own Ivory Tower, with access to a vast library, bear in mind that for some, outdoor undertakings have much more flair that the moldy pages of the collector's items you treasure.

As we say (tongue in cheek): "Go get a life!"

Signed: Joe and Jane Smith, formerly known as Doe.

The Link:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On Senseless Deaths and the Fight for Resources

Hundreds Killed in Nigeria Religious Violence


Look, Great Mother, what people do. In Your Name, some say You are a guy, people are offing one another is this African land. GM, it is the haves against the have-nots and the have-nots against the haves. So help us You.

Mother, we are up to here with this kind of insanity. We have run out of hope. We have run out of words to say that we fail to understand the mechanics of the whole carnage.

Is because this is some sort bad Karma sweeping the land off of its wits? Is it sin committed by the fathers and that the children have to endure to the bitter end?

Dear Mother, help us understand for without your inSights we cannot fathom the world. That Continent.

Dear Mother, Eywa, as you are called in a great movie, surely there is something You can do.

Dear Mother, You alone have the answers. You alone have the solution. Let Your Light shine into the hearts and minds of those masterminding the whole program.

GM, let the bodies dumped in mass graves nourish the land where non-peace reigns. GM, are You listening?

*Photo Credit

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars and the Invasion of Our Everyday Lives

This mass culture--global, immediate, accessible, buoyant, with shared heroes, models, and goals--is immensely intoxicating. Ayatollahs fulminate against it; dictators censor it; mandarins try to slam the door on it.
-- Lawrence M. Friedman, The Horizontal Society, in Dictionary.Com

From Salon:

>Bigelow and "Hurt Locker" win big at Oscars


"I'd just like to dedicate this to the women and men in the military who risk their lives on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world," Bigelow said. "And may they come home safe."

Our bit:

Hats off to Kathryn Bigelow for shattering an 82-year testosterone glass ceiling and "winning big" with Hurt Locker for best picture. That is very telling.

It is telling for a number of reasons. Chiefly, being a woman-director and "nabbing" the prize of the prizes is a very tall order. Also, it sends a message. Actually, all sorts of messages if you read between the lines.

All there. It's Hollywood at its best. Minarets and everything.

A film which portrays the raw realities of life in the front is to be commended especially because it draws our attention to the untold facts of war.

The Iraqi war, or any other battles being fought in the name of "freedom", has not gone down well, we all know, with the rest of the world. It has not gone down well with the natives of that age-old country. Or countries. We all remember the shoe-thrower incident. All in HD.

That said, we are all reminded of the prerogatives of battle and what they entail and the lives that are reaped on both sides of the trenches.

Those who make it back, back to life sometimes, are left to make do with whatever is left of their bodies. War is a body thing. You win or lose battles by interposing your body between the ideology and the outcome. Depending on the day, either one or the other wins.

And pardon the sarcasm, those who "risk their lives on a daily basis" make it safely home and are free of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), are few and far between. When they don't, they are either wrapped in a flag or fitted with spare parts. A sad sight either way.

Needless to say, we are just rambling on about a sad fact of life - sad in oh so many levels.

However, Hollywood is an industry - imperfect though - and as such it commands a great deal of respect. Thousands, if not millions, depend on it for their livelihood. If we take issue at some of the propaganda inherent in its products, it is chiefly because we think said propaganda would perhaps be best served when in the service of others.

It may not always be so. That too is a sad fact of life.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hypocrisy, Corruption and Closet Queens

Will it ever end? No. The latest servings of scandal seeping down from the upper echelons of our institutions know no end. They are everywhere.

We would never mind or pay any attention to them were they to be amongst us - the people. Now when we look around and see what people we look up to have had for breakfast, things change significantly. We write about them and we exercise our prerogatives as the recipients of news who are fully capable of analysing and disposing of it as we see fit.

Case in point, two scandals that have added fuel to our cynicism and ability to spew sarcasm, thus providing hours of entertainment and material to comment about.

Go here and here and see for yourself what we mean.

All of the above coming from the Right of the Right where hypocrisy, corruption, filth and all sorts of sneaky goings-on happen when no one is looking. So they think. For mischief has a long tail and it does not take long for someone to step on it.

All grist for our mill for we are keeping an eye on the monkey biz around us just to expose it for all to see. Beware.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First gay marriage in Buenos Aires

First gay marriage in Buenos Aires city  | Momento 24

This time it's in Buenos Aires.

After overcoming an unexpected hurdle at the registration office, a strike, Damián Bernath and Jorge Salazar got married today.

Congrats to the newly-weds. We wish them the best of luck.

Since we have already written about this on this link, there is very little to be said apart from the fact that we wish that these old, dusty and moldy mindsets change for the better and that gay marriage is no longer an issue on this side of the pond.

What people want most in their lives is to be left alone for they are perfectly capable of making their own decisions on how to run their affairs, especially their bedroom affairs, without being told by not-so-perfect institutions their brand of what is right.

We're on the path of evolution.

The Country of the Future


By Raúl Rodríguez

When I was in college I heard my Contemporary Brazilian Politics professor say: “Brazil is the country of the future and always will be” The inference was that the future was out there but would never arrive.

I do believe that the future is here now rather than later for Brazil. If I am not mistaken, Brazil will become one of the major players in the world and a world power to be reckoned with within the next 50 years. All the signs are there. Brazil not only has the natural resources but it also has size. It has as well the most energetic and resilient of people.

I will never forget when I took my family to Brazil my youngest daughter was 8 and the oldest 10. We went to Iguaçu Falls and out of curiosity we also went to the Itaipú hydroelectric dam. We were admiring it from a distance and I said to my daughters: “girls, look at it and remember this view; this is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world”

With a puzzled look, my youngest looked up at me and said: “but daddy, it is not in the United States.”

I have a great affinity for the culture and the people of Brazil. I think I understand them. I think I can identify with them. And I also think that they have many reasons to rejoice and to be very optimistic of their privileged position as of today.

I remember back in the seventies during the first of the fake oil crisis that Brazil took steps to become energy independent. Brazil borrowed heavily to build that hydroelectric dam. Only the Chinese are now building one that is to be larger, 25 years later.

But the Brazilians didn’t just stop there. They had enough vision to convert their automobiles to be able to run on ethanol, a fuel that comes from their sugar cane and the bi-product is used as the fuel itself to produce it, therefore it becomes totally self sufficient.

I ask myself the question: If a third world country like Brazil in the 70’s lacking the funds and the know-how was able to accomplish this, why is it then that a country like the United States insists that the technology is not there, that we are looking at 20 or 30 years into the future before the U.S. becomes energy independent.

But we can’t stop there; Brazil has now found oil reserves estimated to be much larger than those of Saudi Arabia. I hope that they have the wisdom to continue being energy independent and they cling on to those reserves and put them to use responsibly.

We find Brazil in the forefront of many other endeavors. Their “Brazilian Model” for the production of generic drugs is a resounding success. They are now spending only 1/4^th of what other nations spend on medicines therefore avoiding having to borrow money from the Chinese like the United States has and the people of Brazil now have affordable medicines.

While we in the United States are tormented by the threat of what we perceive to be SOCIALISM whenever the government has to take care of a problem or rectify the excesses of an unregulated free enterprise system, the Brazilians have been able to obtain a happy medium, to incorporate social programs where necessary and to apply regulations to private enterprise where needed without incurring in any Marxist, totalitarian take over as was predicted.

We also see that even those countries that were once the least inclined to use the free enterprise system are now the ones who are using it to their advantage: Russia and China. Brazil still has a long way to go but it is closer now than it has ever been.

This is a guest post by Raul Rodrigues. Check him out at:


Sexual Assaults on Female Soldiers: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Sexual Assaults on Female Soldiers: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

From Time

"What does it tell us that female soldiers deployed overseas stop drinking water after 7 p.m. to reduce the odds of being raped if they have to use the bathroom at night? Or that a soldier who was assaulted when she went out for a cigarette was afraid to report it for fear she would be demoted — for having gone out without her weapon?"

Our bit:

I would have thought that our female warriors, trained to kill, would be better prepared to fend off uncalled-for suitors. Were I to be the females in question, I would try to do my homework and learn the lay of the land first thing before being deployed.

Surely in this day and age, when news travels at the speed of light and most everyone has access to sources of information, one would have thought that our female protectors would be, by now, hip to their horny fellow male-soldiers' jive.

Not the case, however, as the article implies. What to say?

Pardon me for the colorful description but I for one would *go down lorena-bobbit on them and swoosh-slice their willies up to a pile on the ground and feed them to the wolves. When asked about it, I would tell all and everything.

The devil's in the details, you know. Inasmuch as you have to face a court-martial for incapacitating your fellow men, would it not stand to your advantage that you have everything recorded? Secret-cam the whole effort and expose the horny creatures for the bastards that they are. Post it on You Tube and earn the sympathy of each and every woman on the planet.

Now, dahlings, if that does not work, do not venture out for that glass of water or that smoke. Stay in the barracks and leave the boys to fend for themselves. Better, giv'em kid gloves they can hide in their bibles...

Good Luck!

*Would I really?

When Mother Nature Wields Her Powers

When whimsical Mother Nature, all powerful and very much full of Herself, decides she has had enough and decides to act, nothing, really nothing, will stand in her way.

She has struck Haiti with maddening ferocity razing buildings to the ground. And she has struck Chile. She has struck countries in the Middle-East and she has struck China. All of them, one believes, God-fearing nations.

She knows no gods.

Mother Nature cannot be bothered with all our supplications and what not. She turns a deaf ear and says She is renewing Herself periodically. Pretty much as women do. Her powers are undeniable and she metes out upheaval and land churnings as if there is no tomorrow. She is Selfish.

Land tremors are not enough and she turns to the sea, belching out tsunamis and sweeping whole coastal settlements off the map. She is in rage.

People dash to Churches and temples and invoke Deities. Not knowing perhaps that She IS, WAS, and WILL always BE Herself.

Mother Nature in Her chthonian regions, the core, the Heart of the Planet, knows no boundaries and respects no one. Her magnetic Self derives power from Above and models and reshapes her Body magistrally. She IS awesome.

I fear You Wo-man, for I am chained to you.

On Tokers, Potheads and the Like

If you are a pothead and you live in Brazil you may want to learn, that is, if you haven’t already, that smoking cannabis is okay just as long as you buy, store, and carry on you small amounts of the lethargy-inducing agent.

You will never want to be caught selling it for if you do, you are going to be forced, and you are lethargic, to do community service and participate in a drug educational program. Do you really want to do that? Naa, I thought so.

Thanks to legislative changes in 2006 that led to the partial decriminalization of drugs for personal use, tokers can smoke away in blissful peace without being worried about the slammer.

This is the law:

Law N° 11,343/2006, Article 28: “Whoever
acquires, stores, transports or possesses
unauthorized drugs for personal consumption in
violation with legal standards or guidelines shall be
forced to comply with the following: I. Warning
about the effects of drugs, II. Community Service,
III. Participation in a drug educational program.”

I would never be caught red-(green!) handed. They say Brazilian prisons are a living hell and should not to be “trifled” with. Heavens forbid!

However, natives know where their smokadroms are located and they will gravitate to them in droves and won't be bothered with the military police doing the rounds in their air-conditioned (are they?) vehicles.

This writer is of the opinion that it is a frank hypocrisy really for the police to be wasting their energy on the smooookers because they should, instead, be focusing their attention on the big big big big traaafickers whooo bring the material into the country from heavens know wheeeere. Who are you kidding? They do know. And never get caught!


P.s. 1 - This writer does not do drugs and looks with a heavy, albeit kind, heart on those who do. He is yawning because he is stressed out on account of a trip he has just been back from. He says he gets his kicks by doing Yoga.

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