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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hypocrisy, Corruption and Closet Queens

Will it ever end? No. The latest servings of scandal seeping down from the upper echelons of our institutions know no end. They are everywhere.

We would never mind or pay any attention to them were they to be amongst us - the people. Now when we look around and see what people we look up to have had for breakfast, things change significantly. We write about them and we exercise our prerogatives as the recipients of news who are fully capable of analysing and disposing of it as we see fit.

Case in point, two scandals that have added fuel to our cynicism and ability to spew sarcasm, thus providing hours of entertainment and material to comment about.

Go here and here and see for yourself what we mean.

All of the above coming from the Right of the Right where hypocrisy, corruption, filth and all sorts of sneaky goings-on happen when no one is looking. So they think. For mischief has a long tail and it does not take long for someone to step on it.

All grist for our mill for we are keeping an eye on the monkey biz around us just to expose it for all to see. Beware.

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