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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not So Pretty in Pink: Are Girls' Toys Too Girly?

Not So Pretty in Pink: Are Girls' Toys Too Girly?



"The not-so-subtle pressures of this marketing can damage self-esteem and feed worries about body image and appearance later in life, the sisters say. They also link it to a celebrity-obsessed culture that undermines adult women by glorifying glamour figures like Paris Hilton, while neglecting those women engaged in more serious pursuits."

Of course! Who do you think you are kidding? In the Western world propaganda starts very early. The informant-sources in the article should by now be savvy of all the goings-on and the lengths The Culture Industry will go to to advance its consumerist agenda.

We are awash, literally, by consumerist advertising and poking. Now if you wish to be free of such vile influences perhaps you should consider moving to Mars. And there is no guarantee that once there you are going to be entirely free of such designs.

Universities this Hemispherewide are busy at work devising ways to get to Mars and how to terraform it and render it inhabitable by humans. Guess what? Have you not seen Wall-E?

It is only natural that the Industry, let us call it that way, will find ways to market to this very malleable demographic niche, i.e. children, to better prepare the way for when they grow older.

We have written about this in a previous post and, quite frankly, do not see anything untoward about this. Or kind of. In a certain way we, in the Western world, rely heavily on manufactured goods and they are job-makers. We need those jobs.

At the same time, echoing the article, we do see the need for a major rethink in the way we perceive or let the Industry dictate values and parameters for our own living. The Industry, however, should know that we are hip to their jive.

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1.information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

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  1. I think that being aware as you and I (hopefully) are of consumerist propaganda goes a long way. Even if we fall into the ideals of consumerism, we have enough knowledge to potentially pull ourselves back from the brink. This is why education is so important: you are then able to be intertained by the 2 hour blockbuster without giving into the advertisement quality of it.

  2. But even blogging is yet another form of consumerist propaganda, as are books, music, newspapers. We want to appear to be the type of people who own these technologies.

  3. J.P. We hope to be doing the world a great service in that we are here not only to advertise ourselves - you are right - but also to spread the word for a better world. We all have a little something to offer: we draw from our experiences, our pains, our environment. In short, we could safely say we are savvy. We do not bend easily, easily, thankfully.