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Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Biological Exuberance and Animal Diversity

Do you remember this book? I swear I'm not plugging it. I had a copy in early 2000 I remember, but it's gone the way of the crow. Never seen it since.

That's what you get when you allow access of exotic creatures into your abode. You get the shitty end of the bar. I digress...

Now, grudgingly, Science does admit the central thesis of the book. Well, a decade later, we read in one British Paper of two rare ducks that have taken to each other "like ducks to water."

Ben and Jerry are said to be turning down the advances of their female companion, Cherry, refusing to mate with her, prompting one reader of the article to say: "Gay ducks, how lovely .... but come on guys, do your duty for Queen and country! Then you can set up a love nest!".

To no avail. The feathery creatures seem to have eyes and bills for each other solely to the exclusion of all else in their midst. Interesting, isn't it?

A certain feeling of belonging in this very diverse world also manifested itself very clearly.

We cannot but be sure the Creator most certainly new what She/He/It was doing when fashioning this never ending Universe.

Why is it we never see Bible-thumpers and the like ranting about these lovely animals? Surely they must read outside of their narrow philosophical enclaves. Hopefully, they should.

Update: March 31st

Can Animals be Gay?

This is a New York Times Magazine profound look at the subject. And here below, from a fellow blogger's, Blue Trucker Red State. Check out his post at


  1. I hope Ben and Jerry are very happy, for as long as they live. :)