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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Chemicals and How They Rule Our Lives

We live in a chemical world. We live largely due to our chemistry.

All matter is made of atoms composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons. The center, or nucleus, of the atom is composed of positively charge protons and neutral neutrons. The outside of the atom has negatively charged electrons in various orbits.

Perfect arrangement. Now when we try to tamper with our native chemistry by adding or subtracting by way of synthetic drugs, we are doing ourselves and others a huge disservice.

Often, we have read in the news, the results are disastrous - a literal disconnect from the stars as the word implies.

When we read about young people, especially those big in the cultural industry, we see it in high definition. We say they are leaving this world untimely. We say that it is a shame and we grieve for their ill-starred fate.

What to do? There's nothing we can say or do when pain of whatever kind is involved. People have pains. They have existential angst.

When it comes to celebrities, they feel smothered by the very establishment that has breathed life into them. When devoid of it, they wither and die. It is a vicious cycle.

When not overusing chemicals largely made available by the mammoth pharmaceutical industry, albeit and perhaps a bit hypocritically denied to some and stocked ad nauseam in their medicine cabinets, celebrities are said to be members of post-modern cults.

From the outside looking in, we get the feeling that their lives, if not managed in perfect synchronicity with the highest standards of living and strong spiritual guidance, are doomed to the annals of the eternal sleep.

Are we here to judge those who resort to chemicals for their "release"? No, we are here because we care. We are here because we are humans and feel their pain. We are here to to say that there are Other things worth consuming. And those are not found in back-room and shady schemes with bought-out go-betweens. They are eternal and found WITHIN each and everyone. They are all there. Search.

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