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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Tokers, Potheads and the Like

If you are a pothead and you live in Brazil you may want to learn, that is, if you haven’t already, that smoking cannabis is okay just as long as you buy, store, and carry on you small amounts of the lethargy-inducing agent.

You will never want to be caught selling it for if you do, you are going to be forced, and you are lethargic, to do community service and participate in a drug educational program. Do you really want to do that? Naa, I thought so.

Thanks to legislative changes in 2006 that led to the partial decriminalization of drugs for personal use, tokers can smoke away in blissful peace without being worried about the slammer.

This is the law:

Law N° 11,343/2006, Article 28: “Whoever
acquires, stores, transports or possesses
unauthorized drugs for personal consumption in
violation with legal standards or guidelines shall be
forced to comply with the following: I. Warning
about the effects of drugs, II. Community Service,
III. Participation in a drug educational program.”

I would never be caught red-(green!) handed. They say Brazilian prisons are a living hell and should not to be “trifled” with. Heavens forbid!

However, natives know where their smokadroms are located and they will gravitate to them in droves and won't be bothered with the military police doing the rounds in their air-conditioned (are they?) vehicles.

This writer is of the opinion that it is a frank hypocrisy really for the police to be wasting their energy on the smooookers because they should, instead, be focusing their attention on the big big big big traaafickers whooo bring the material into the country from heavens know wheeeere. Who are you kidding? They do know. And never get caught!


P.s. 1 - This writer does not do drugs and looks with a heavy, albeit kind, heart on those who do. He is yawning because he is stressed out on account of a trip he has just been back from. He says he gets his kicks by doing Yoga.

p.s. 2 - This post is being shared with as a guest post. Check him out.

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