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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Dirty Linen is Inevitable

Vatican unleashes exorcist for campaign of crazy

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We stand corrected. When we say that sexual scandals happen in the Northern Hemisphere, we are not being entirely right. We are being selective.

The shocking video above says otherwise. Brazilian Catholic priests, and in the image above, an 82-year-old priest, being taped having sex with a kid is a testament that this world is upside down.

We have no agenda. We have no reason to write about this other than let everyone know that the current wave of unimaginable abuse is happening under our very noses, and by people we look up to. Or thought we did.

We do not wish to undertake to translate and subtitle the video for it is a daunting task and a sad one at that. The gist is, though, that when you entrust your children to those you think are honest representatives of Christ on Earth, you come away with the feeling that there is something wrong.

And when we hear that in official communications out of their headquarters there is no mentioning of the fact, but that they zero in on one single country only, we think, quite franky, that this is done on purpose. Who are we kidding?

Also, the Salon article sheds light on the whole scene. What a perfect excuse.

We are so sorry for those kids. We are so sorry at the simplicity with which they seem to approach the subject.

Gist: The video shows a lawyer for the priest trying to persuade the young man to lie and threatening him with heavens know what should they whole dark doings come to light.

Disgusting and predatory!


  1. And I guess they want to call it "isolated cases", right? More like an epidemy

  2. The Letter today addressed the problem in Ireland. What about Latin America? Do we not deserve to be issue apologies? Yuck!