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Monday, March 22, 2010

When Children Are Thrown Out the Window

Surreal stuff, really, but it has happened in Brazil. Actually, it happened two years ago in São Paulo.

When on the way home from the stepmother's parents' house in the north side, amidst a fight the couple were having in the car, the stepmother reaches back and hits the child on the forehead with some object to the point of drawing blood. The blood was stanched with a diaper.

When home, the child is carried back inside by the father and thrown on the floor, injures her hip and wrist. All the while, the child's younger stepbrother watches in horror and cries: "Stop, dad! Stop!"

Immediately afterwards, all very unclear and subject to judicial interpretation, the safety net is slashed and the young girl is thrown from the sixth floor to land with a thud on the garden down below. A veritable whodunit. A burglar as the defense alleges or the dad and the stepmother?

The trial started today. The couple is being heard. The jury has been summoned.

Isabella Nardoni was just five. May Justice prevail.

Monday, First Day

Mother testifies and, in tears, reveals dad as being "absent" and stepmother as "agressive."

Tuesday, Second Day

Coroner Paulo Sergio T. Alves says Isabella was killed in the apartment and then thrown out the window. He displayed photos of the bruises sustained by the child.

Forensic Expert Eduardo Doria’s testimony, the highlight of the day, says that girl died of suffocation and then thrown to the floor violently. These attacks would have been determining factors more than the *defenestration from the sixth floor.

Wednesday, Third Day

Another forensic expert, Rosangela Monteiro, testifies that the girl had been hurt before entering the apartment and that she was bleeding. The blood found at the site was Isabella's. She said further that the safety net marks on the dad's t-shirt show that he was the one to throw the girl out the window.

Thursday, Fourth Day

Father and stepmother testify. There was no confrontation between the mother and the Father. Stepmother says that up until now she does not know what happened on the day Isabella died and that "it's a mystery for the whole wide world and for myself as well. I ask myself everyday what happened." More tears.

Friday, Fifth Day

Jury to give verdict according to the evidence presented in court. Sentencing to be heard late on Friday or very early Saturday.


Guilty. Both the dad, condemned to spend the next 31 years and a month and the stepmother, condemned to spend 26 years and eight months in prison for the murder of Isabella. Ironically, their respective ages today.
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the act of throwing a thing or esp. a person out of a window.

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  1. Why? Why does this kind of crap happen? I hope justice works in Brazil. (Here, the parents would get a scummy lawyer and work the system to within an inch of its life to get out of punishment.) My heart is breaking.

  2. I hope those heartless bastards get life imprisonment!

  3. I'm from Brazil and we all want justice. Unfortunately, in Brazil there is no death penalty.

    RIP Isabella.


  4. The things that go on in the world can shatter your heart at times.

    How much people care, how kind people can be to one another, at least that helps put it back together.

  5. Mauro, I'm glad justice prevailed and the taking of Isabella's life is at least partially avenged.