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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When Mother Nature Wields Her Powers

When whimsical Mother Nature, all powerful and very much full of Herself, decides she has had enough and decides to act, nothing, really nothing, will stand in her way.

She has struck Haiti with maddening ferocity razing buildings to the ground. And she has struck Chile. She has struck countries in the Middle-East and she has struck China. All of them, one believes, God-fearing nations.

She knows no gods.

Mother Nature cannot be bothered with all our supplications and what not. She turns a deaf ear and says She is renewing Herself periodically. Pretty much as women do. Her powers are undeniable and she metes out upheaval and land churnings as if there is no tomorrow. She is Selfish.

Land tremors are not enough and she turns to the sea, belching out tsunamis and sweeping whole coastal settlements off the map. She is in rage.

People dash to Churches and temples and invoke Deities. Not knowing perhaps that She IS, WAS, and WILL always BE Herself.

Mother Nature in Her chthonian regions, the core, the Heart of the Planet, knows no boundaries and respects no one. Her magnetic Self derives power from Above and models and reshapes her Body magistrally. She IS awesome.

I fear You Wo-man, for I am chained to you.

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