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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flash Floods, Plodding Through Water?

All in a day's work in Rio de Janeiro. Poor citizens! They have long since grown inured to the neglect authorities bestow on them when it comes to emergencies like these. You just have to wait for the rains to come.

You see, when you build your shack on a slippery slope, what with it being just a thin layer of soil with vegetation blanketing rocky mountains, when the skies open, those poor folks see their lives' work slide down with a rumble. Is that the noise?

That and the fact that workers have to go to work plodding through knee-deep waterways whereon buses would have run instead... Is there a solution?

Now, thirty hours plus of rain have taken their toll. People have been killed as a result and city authorities still begging people to stay home and urging others in risk areas to leave. Where to?

Do they have a place in which to lodge the hordes of climate refugees? By now, one would have thought that they already had some sort of emergency plan to resort to when the going gets tough. Nope, you can ask your friends who live in the Marvellous City and they will say that they have no inkling as to what is going to happen.

Bummer! The rain affects those living in the South Side as well. The sea as a bulwark and the rainwaters having no place to drain into, south-siders have to take off their Pradas and walk barefoot. Shame!

Meanwhile...Aljazeera's Craig Mauro says it best:


  1. If Jamaica could take away the rains from Brazil we would take it. We have been having a terrible drought here. We are no longer the land of wood and water but only the land of wood. Some areas are without water, the precious commodity.

  2. And Brazil is the land of water, they say. We hear in the grapevine outside interests trying to pounce on our bodies water, bottling them and/or charging for them. Oh, Globalization!