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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guys and Their Health - How About Prevention?

Men and their aches and pains are now the target of the Health Ministry in Brazil. In August, last year, the government of Brazil launched The National Policy of Man’s Health or the policy for the health of the man.

The program aims at promoting access to health services for males who otherwise, perhaps by cultural and educational reasons, tend to look for health services when their ailment prevents them from working. In every three deaths that occur in Brazil, two are men. The world over, men live on average five to seven years less than women.

As is the example with breast or other cancers, people tend to seek help when their disease is far too advanced for help and the program aims at just that: prevention. “Precious time is lost when that happens,” says José Gomes Temporão, Health Minister, “when they arrive at the health services it’s because they have reached a critical stage.”

R$ 613.22 million (Brazilian Real), or about US$ 300 million, will be allocated in a eight-year framework, for communication initiatives, health promotion, service expansion, and investment into the public health structure. By the looks of it, it seems a revolution in men’s health is about to start. It was about time.


  1. What you have now is already so much more advanced that what most people in the US.

  2. That reminds me, Curious, to follow-up on the story and check whether it has yielded any results so far.

  3. Mauro, this is nice to see. Wish we had something like this here, it would certainly help many people.

  4. I agree with this. It is needed. Many men wait until it is too late to seek the help they really need. I hope the campaign worked. We need more healthy men in our societies and especially in black societies where men are short- good men - healthy and successful.

    The message here is to take care of ourselves.