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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day. There's Still Time

For us to rethink our habits by recycling, reducing and reusing. Much has been said and little has been done, we all know.

Instead of making this one a message of doom and gloom for our planet, let us try and think a new planet, such an ideal one as we have most of us been writing and complaining about.

Luckily, we do not have to be cathechised anymore as to the dangers of inaction and predatory practices. The certainty has settled in and we are savvy and pretty much in the know about things ecological.

I am very glad I am part of this group. Together, all of us, we can make a difference.

Yes, we can heal our planet.

However, border disputes is another matter entirely. When humans encroach on other humans' domains things get tricky, beyond my pale, so to speak, as is apparent by the message at the end of this video.


  1. I hear what you are saying, but I think it is too late for that. We tried the "let's protect our beautiful Earth" message 40 years ago. And we haven't been able to convince a whole lot of people or we would have control of climate change factors already and we wouldn't be having this conversation. People are too selfish and too lazy to do anything because it's the "right thing to do". Internationally, it could work. In the US, we're way behind. Our society is just f&@ked!

  2. Stan, people like you are there to spread the good news to society at large. I'd much rather prefer to think that, yes, there is hope for our neighbors to the north...

    I cringe every time I get home from the grocer's with five thousand plastic bags and yet do nothing to use the burlap ones I have.

    I count myself lucky. So many go hungry in our neck of the woods.