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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Put the Kibosh on Corruption in Brazil

Incredibly, more than 1.6 million Brazilians have mobilized against corruption and the petition is gaining strength as we speak.

We have 48 hours till the voting of The Clean Slate Bill takes place. Sign it and forward this alert to all your friends.

Avaazians have set their eyes on 2 million signatures! If you care about Brazilian politics, weigh in at:

It would be all very nice if we could ban candidates who have committed serious crimes such as money-laundering, drug trafficking and corruption.

Folks at are busy manning the computers trying to get at least 2 million signatures and say this is a watershed moment in the struggle against corruption in Brazilian politics.

No easy task, we are told, for in the Brazilian Congress corrupt vested interests are trying to talk the Speaker of the House into not slating the bill for voting.

These patriots say that only a mass mobilization in the next forty-eight hours will exert enough pressure and make the bill pass.

There you go! "You've been briefed", to quote one CNN anchor. By the way, let's wish ourselves luck.

Will we ever get rid of the scourge of corruption?

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