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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Find in South Africa: Key Link in Human Evolution?

Evolution skeptics like to trot out the argument that if Darwin had been right, scientists would have discovered transitional fossils by now — creatures with a mix of features from earlier and later species. Since they haven't, the deniers say, evolution must not be true.

Our two bits:

Fair enough for both sides, we say. However, the scientific side is winning ground in the contest if the find above is anything to go by.

That should be able to put a stopper in the maw of many a skeptic and quite incredibly put to rest long unwinnable discussions about this that or the other concerning evolution and the creation of man, hopefully.

Miraculously, as Science advances, new breakthroughs are made almost daily in every field and we, as humans, only stand to gain from the news discoveries.

So much is being found and unearthed - unveiled - in this vast Universe we know so little of. Luckily many are busy at work in academic centers trying to put together schemes, technological and otherwise, to better canvass and probe into the farthest reaches of this planet and of the Cosmos.

What is hard to fathom, however, is why so many people cling to medieval mindsets and refuse to see what is under their very noses. Many have been sent to the stakes and bonfires for thinking out of the box. Hats off to them.