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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On Dams and Mammoth Projects in the Amazon

Guess who's been in town, rather, in the country? James Cameron alongside Sigorney Weaver. They have an agenda.

Yes, the Avatar famed film-maker and actor have been to the Amazon, the rain-forest, to draw attention to the fact that a huge dam is to be built in the legendary expanse of trees and wildlife.

Concerned perhaps that my fellow countrypeople were unaware of the fact (I was!) and maybe not doing enough to stop the Belo Monte Dam Project on the Xingu ('sheen-goo) River. They are adding their voice to local environmentalists and indian groups who oppose the initiative most vehemently for all the obvious reasons.

Their argument is why should we build a dam right smack in the middle of the hallowed grounds at a time when so much alternative options are available out there inasmuch as we live close to the equator and solar energy is, well, there for the taking, for example?

Mr. Cameron and Ms. Weaver have their work cut out for them in that they have yet to convince the Brazilian Government that this is an inane thing to do. Our president says that the project is a necessary evil that will provide clean energy. Never mind the devastation and the displacement of riverbank dwellers.

Life goes on, meanwhile. Ah, who knows there's still time to save whatever is left of the lungs of the earth.

Photo Credit: Leo Freitas


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay a while. Interesting post. I wonder who is behind and the interest of those who are building the dam.

    I agree why not go for a more eco friendly way of obtaining resources.

  2. Thanks Wanna, surely there are vested interests in the whole affair...By the way, loved your piece about Yoga...I happen to articulate those two words very nicely, I think.

  3. It's funny how many of the great forests of the world have disappeared over time because of the advancement of men and yet we still won't take the responsibility of what is happening to our environment. I may not care for James Cameron and his sophomoric movie making ways, but "Good on him" for taking a stand.

  4. I think their hope was to bring more international attention to the issue and unfortunately, I don't think that happened. I agree with Virginia, I'd love to know whose interests are being served by constructing the dam. The earth has time Mauro, I'm not sure we do though.

  5. Kyle and Virgina, there is a controversy having to do with some consortium to build the unwanted dam. We are not wide off the mark in assuming that there is interests involved...


    This article sheds more light on the subject