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Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Mother Nature's Wrath

The wrath of nature and how it disrupts our plans. We hear of people left stranded in Manhattan or Paris, or London, as if, of course, on a tropical island thousands of miles from civilization...

Poo, poo! People, it's Mother Nature tellings us in Her very capricious way to slow down and say that She is, hello!, Bigger than all of our forecasts. There is no telling what She can do.

She's so self-involved - Goddess why? She does not care if you spend three years in a spiritual retreat meditating or if you are the CEO of that very important multinational. She will leave you with your balls hanging by a thread. Awesome power She possesses. Temples and planes succumb to Her.

Dear Mother, even though we own state-of-the-art technologies we cannot divine Your Thoughts. We are afraid of You. Spare us Your "Tantrums", to quote a fellow blogger, and allow them all, who dare to be in Your Path, to pursue their plans.

Be gentle, Dearest Ma.


  1. Judging by the increase in the frequency of natural disasters during the last decade, Mother Nature is very angry at us. We are constantly violating her rules by pollution and other ways, so she's probably planning to annihilate us and build a new world.

  2. Then again, there's the American psycho, hate-babbling Rush Limbaugh, who believes the volcano is God's punishment for our passing the Healthcare reform bill in the US!
    We have a lot of idiots int he US. I can't keep up with the apologies I owe the citizen's of the world for the loud mouthed winguts that live here in my county. But I apologize. He doesn't represent the US. We're not all that stupid.

    But to your point, you're right. Nature doesn't stop for anyone, or anything.

  3. No, you are not all that stupid, Stan. We do discern. Apologies accepted. Luckily we do not have to hear people fouling up the airwaves with their ignominious rants. We face other challenges. Us here in this part of the world. Cheers!

  4. Hey Mauro you said everything I did in my post, but with less bravado and verbiage. Right now I think she is just warning us, before we get to the point of our own destruction. She'll let us take our own path, but if we keep making the wrong choices she'll turn her graces to another species. Plenty of time for one or more of them to ascend and become sentient.

  5. And if She should, may She forgive us, Kyle. will we ever learn?

  6. for the first time in my long and skeptical life i am very concerned...i used to think that since i had no children i would not care but it isn't true. it's happening here, there, everywhere, makes me think of the frog in a pot of heating water, it will cook but won't jump...that's us...can we do something? yesterday i forgot my eco friendly bag when visiting zaffari, see, it's not ingrained enough...HOW TO GET TO THE KIDS!!!!!!

  7. We are all the "beneficiaries" of Her movements, Flavio.