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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photos: The Earth from Above - Untold Beauty

Still in the wake of Earth Day, ecological concerns are seldom far from our agenda.

Here we have Time presenting us with photos of our Ultimate Abode.

We theorize that a little bit of beauty will only tide us over the weekend and perhaps fill ourselves with yet more hope and grit to fight the good fight.



  1. We forget the importance of the Earth and hope things will all be ok. But the effects of ignornace are almost biblical now - to isolate a few points. I live in Cayman and we've had several earthquakes since a neighboring island no rain for a few months - it's unprecendented.

    On the larger scale - earthquakes in Haiti; China; Chile; mean snow storms and mother earth rearing it's ugly head in Iceland!

  2. We cannot help but notice that Mother Nature has been busy reconstituting Herself. Everywhere.