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Saturday, April 10, 2010

On the Face of Tragedy

"Polish President who said homosexuality will destroy human race dies in plane crash", screams the headline in Pink News.

"'Kaczynski was accused of homophobia when in 2007 as President he was challenged over this decision, and said: " 'If that kind of approach to sexual life were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear.

"Imagine what grand changes would occur in mores if the traditional links between men and women were set aside.'

Undoubtedly, a very conservative and controversial politician who espoused views germane to his world-view. That is to be respected. Actually, our condolences should be expressed in the most diplomatic terms. After all, not many make it to the heights of power. Cerimonial though it was.

While this is a tragedy and, poetically, one is to believe his entire cabinet was literally taken down with him, one cannot help but feel a certain sense of loss.

This is perhaps because we want those who exhibit less than kosher views about this or that group in society to endure to the end. This is the famous end we read about in philosophical writings and which most of us want to believe exists to provide us with comfort inasmuch as the stigma heaped on the LGBT community is disproportional.

All of the above to say that we are certain the LGBT community is not out to take over the world. Many in the LGBT community are battling for equal rights and the right to have "normal" families recognized by all, thus preserving the very mores mentioned in the quote above. Plus, churning out consumers and voters by the dozen. A hollywoodian dream.

Also, the LGBT community is very well aware the heterosexual relationships are a must in our contemporary world up until Science produces humans out of bottles, lending credence to the fact that humanity is not on the brink of extinction.


Pink News says in a later post that "Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka, one of the most outspoken advocates for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) rights in Poland", was killed in the plane crash as well.

Tragedy knows no face.



  1. I find it bizarre that anyone could talk in terms of "promoting" an LGBTetc lifestyle. Does love ever need promoting?