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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Re-imagining Your Life: The Power Of Visualization

Re-imagining Your Life: The Power Of Visualization

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After a few posts laying bare the bad in people and the neglect those in power subject others, I came across this inspiring article in Matatador by Martin Prihoda and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. It has to do with visualization.

You see, visualization is an important thing. This writer, when very young, used to imagine himself on planes, travelling to the farthest places. Guess what, time came when he saw himself as a publishing assistant working alongside the publisher of an important Brazilian Publishing House and one of his jobs was to visit Book Fairs all over.

He got his share of travelling. He did. Plus the fact that when he spent time in the U.S. with his American partner, the both of them would spend weekends in various places in that country and, guess what, they traveled by plane.

Now perhaps knowing that the visualization was working, he had read a book or two about the subject, this writer started visualizing a home, by the sea. He would see himself sitting in the lotus position while he heard the gentle sound of the waves somewhere in California. From his nice place. He actually drove up there to see if they "visualized" place was up there. He could not locate it. Jury still out here on this one.

Now this writer finds himself living, comfortably, in a nice place, not in California though, but in Rio Grande do Sul, in a nice condo overlooking a beautiful lake. Chance or active will-power? Hard work is to be factored in.

You decide. However, if you have dreams of your own and places you want to reach, visualize yourself right there, experience everything, employ all your senses and etch that in your mind. Wait for the results.

You gotta be there, to be there.


  1. I often try to visualize myself in comfortable and cozy places...but is hard when you are surrounded by noise, irritating people and situations.
    maybe i must apply more powerfully?

  2. Massi, the secret is in your "focus". You got that exactly right.