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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sad Realities

In the scale of badness, which would you rather I wrote about?

Either of two: the situation in Rio and how people are now, after the tradegy, being relocated to low-risk areas and how they are going to get a stipend to help them pay the rent in other dwellings, after seeing their houses rumbling down the slope?

Or about this pedophile, one Admar de Jesus, released from prison for good behavior after doing time for four years, and how he, when back in the midst of society, committed crimes he'd been sent to prison for?

The pedo? Right. It happened right smack dab in the heart of Brazil, a few miles from the Brazilian capital in the state of Goiás in a town called Luziânia.

Yesterday, the suspect who has now confessed he killed the six boys - aren't they always boys? - took the police to the site where he had buried the bodies he had bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer. All of them aged 13 - 17.

He would attract his victims with offers of fishing jobs out in the country and once there he would proceed with the sexual abuse and the killing.

Saddest of all is that we read that the mothers had been clinging to the notion that perhaps the boys, who since December last year had disappeared from their neighborhood called Morning Star, had been lured into doing slave work and that eventually the police would find them alive.

Not so. They are now left with the task of identifying the remains of the kids at Coroner's Office. Life goes on.

Photo Credits:

Rio de Janeiro: From Agencia Estado

Pedophile: From Cristiano Borges/O Popular/AE

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