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Monday, May 17, 2010

Gay Marriage in Portugal? Yes, Haven't You Heard?

It was today...Portugal's conservative president, Anibal Cavaco Silva, says he is now going to ratify a law that allows gay people to wed - legally.

That in a very conservative, catholic country. Praise the Lord! They are now the sixth European country that says that marriage is for all, gay and straight.

He had most everyone's backing, politically. Hooray to the Portuguese!

Feel like using all of my Portuguese surnames, all of a sudden. But halt, they're a mile long...Let's wait for more news.

Argentina, down here, Portugal over there. Next, the U.S.A., and no, I won't mention my own country.


  1. The battle is on in the USA. It's still conservative - but there are many holding up the good fight!

  2. Let us wish them luck, Steve. It is as if the latest developments in the world have failed to bend the entrenched power of whatever is keeping them from change. Meanwhile, in Brazil, we are all very happy with having our common-law unions by the courts.

  3. This is great development and shows some societies are maturing.