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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malawi Men Pardoned. About Time

Malawi men pardoned. It was about time.

From the Advocate

See post On Draconian....on this blog for more background.

Obviously, we are to congratulate authorities in the African nation for a job well done.

It seems to us that the couple in question has been pardoned due to external pressure and not by good will alone. Even so, that is highly laudable.

Let us join those who wish the couple a very nice life together and that things work out for them.

Let us be straight to the point and not ramble far too much or we will lose the thread. Everybody in the know is up to here with what most of us consider backwardness and retroguardism.

Hopefully that will shed some light in and clear out some musty mentalities.



  1. For sure they had this success thank to the international pressure.
    Anyway this time is a good result, as it was not the other couple in Iran.

  2. Right on, Massi. Those other countries...

  3. From what I understand is that even though the men have been pardoned, they are still susceptible to being re-arrested if they don't "change their ways."

    Not quite the victory as some would like.