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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Fundamentalist Terrorism

A battle of philosophies (ideologies?) one detects in comments we read on the Internet and the apparent motive for the ill-fated attempt.

It may well be so. This is about the bomb scare in Times Square in New York.

Why are you writing about that? Simply because Times Square is more than a New York location. It is a Treffpunkt for people from all over the world. Anyone we might know could have been maimed and killed had the attempt succeeded. Ourselves even.

Of course we ignore the inner workings of cabals bent on death and destruction, no matter where they originate. We hope to never, never, never even smell the slightest whiff of mischief done in the name of, well, the name of ideologies/philosophies galore as exist out there. We should leave that to specialized agencies and the like. Here, ignorance is bliss.

However, the world will continue producing disgruntled humans on either side of the argument if people do not realize that living together in a world-community will be a challenge if people harbor deep-seated hatred in their hearts, compounded by all the gross inequalities between North and South.

Still, it is most deplorable when people resort to death and destruction to "drive home" a point. Maybe, dialogue and a meeting of enlightened minds would serve to bring about the illusive Peace we have all been writing about and hoping for.

Treffpunkt, German for a "meeting place."


  1. I'm happy someone spoke out-even more happy that they caught him on a would be a disaster for Obama if he had left the country.