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Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Integrative Approaches

This is what the video below shows us. The story of two gay ministers given the boot for being open about their sexual orientation as opposed to the hypocrisy we see all around.

We have grown to learn that the Church, regardless of its denomination, will always resort to a separatist, and I say, decentralizing approach, to keep their flock labeled as the "Other."

History, we all know, is full of such examples. The "Other" has chafed under the heavy yoke of separateness and differentness in our own Hemisphere and in Africa with the very blessings of the reigning religious ideologies.

So, while we believe most people are yet unprepared to think for themselves and are still very dependent on some sort of anchor to hold on to when the going gets rough, for this is when we remember we are minuscule compared to the powers of Nature, it is heartwarming to see that some embrace integrative approaches and see the Other as a human being and as deserving of the blessings of Life as the next person.

So, under this light, we are led to believe that there is hope in the world and that there is still a chance that the various religious/philosophical groups in existence will follow suit and grant the "other" their due place in their midst.


  1. It is sort of an emotional crutch, a kind of mental masturbation. These people adore their "pastors" like the sheep who follow the shepherd. I'll be dipped if I follow anybody...I can think for myself, thank you.
    thanks for your comment

  2. Those who follow the shepherd are the majority in this world. In our blogger community, we will find independent thinkers and they get away with it. In olden times not so much. The world is changing and people are slowly advancing towards a more independent mindset.