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Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Lakeshores and Bike Rides and Other Stuff

I've got to find something nice to write about because my fellow bloggers deserve to have nice things to read on a sunny weekend like this.

It's been wet, wet, wet but now the sun is back. I'm grateful for it.

I should go ride my bike on the lakeshore to see eye-candy and other stuff you can only find in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. I have not seen the like in my travels all over and I think I have hit the jackpot and don't know about it.

Furthermore, it should be noted to those who read this blog that nothing is eternal and that everything is subject to the present and that is why we have to seize the day. Platitudes....Clichés...Argh!

Life is a beach and a lake or estuary depending on whom you ask. Have a great day everyone and enjoy yourselves to the max.

Originally, conceived in streamoftheconsciousnessstyle..............



  1. RO: Glad you have all that eye candy to look at, and hope it was a good weekend.

  2. Marc, there was actually a marathon yesterday morning. Veritable sights for sore eyes! I also enjoyed the crispy weather and the sun. That combination of factors was the cherry on the cake.