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Monday, May 31, 2010

On Outrageous Displays of Cultural Genocide

In our new series Daily Outrage, we bring two facts we find repugnant and deserving of our severest condemnation.

The first, this being World No Tobacco Day, the video below shows what a long row we have to hoe as regards awareness. Awareness in the West is one thing. Quite another here:

Two-Year Old Toddler Smokes Cigarettes - Watch more Funny Videos

There is no excuse for this outrage. No matter whether it is caused by agressive advertising by the tobacco industry in those shores or whether it is by sheer...
by the parents who...

Go to CNN for more on this barbarous story.

The second, and this is really sensitive stuff, has to do with Israel preemptively raiding, in international waters, a ship in an aid flotilla en route to Palestine and, responding to attack, left a few (how many?) dead in their tracks sparking global outrage.

While Israel's concern is absolutely legitimate, make no mistake, to our minds the end result was disproportionate in that, with all their security apparatus, they could have waited for the vessels to dock (?) and then proceed with due inspections.

Now, we know missiles raining down on Israeli neighborhoods is also deplorable. People are people. Terror is terror.

From our ivory tower, when we hear of such news, we are just left with a feeling that this is never-ending. We feel for those involved.


  1. Both situations are apalling. The smoking baby is just plain wrong - what about the parents? Maybe it's a question of education - not sure how it reached to this extent. I saw this on another site and they said the toddler is a chain smoker and smokes a pack a day!

  2. Check the CNN site, Steve. You will hear an interview with the mother. The toddler smokes 40 a day! One, just one, is one too many, however.

    The other? More unending conversations.