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Friday, May 28, 2010

On Plugging and Capping and Top Killing

Top kill, cap, dome, plugging, mushrooming environmental crisis, oil gushing from ruptured pipes...The semantic brainwashing goes on...

Incredible what we can do with words. The media has a soft spot for them. Especially in English-speaking countries.

Meanwhile, (un-)bothered and unchecked, Mother Nature exacts her revenge. Unleashing her indescribable chthonian fury. There is no stopping Her.

Dear Mother, if You should exact Your revenge anymore systematically than You have been doing, why are You allowing the weakest in the link, namely: wildlife and coastal communities, all very dependent on Your bounties, to bear the brunt of it all?

It is unfathomable, Mother - pardon our boldness in addressing You, and we do so with a certain degree of trepidation - but when are You going to put a cap on all this fecality?

If anything, You should set Your omniscience on the culprits, i.e. those you-know-who with a dark and slick agenda bent exclusively on plundering Your resources which, by the way, belong to all.



  1. All this brings to mind the ad where there was this Native American shedding a was many years ago but it was so effective...if we were to have him now he would be crying buckets.

  2. The Crying Indian Ad, Raulito?. It's on YouTube. Yes, he would be crying buckets. We should join him.