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Saturday, May 1, 2010

On Slick Profits and the Culture of Greed

There's something funnily serious about hypertension and something eerily serious about oil spills.

You see, apparently, Big Oil couldn't care care two smidgens whether there is an accident waiting to happen in their off-shore drilling rigs or if there is wildlife and communities along the shores of their reservoirs.

We have learned by watching American television that there is a blame game going on and that neither party wants to admit guilt. Deplorable!

Reporters inform us that there is a simple safety device, as required in Brazil and Norway, that if installed, would prevent such tragic consequences for those in the receiving end of the slick. Not so. Strong lobbying did the trick and, voilà, the slick is advancing towards the shore as we write.

Meanwhile, in northern shores others campaign for more drilling to go on, with one-liners like: "Drill, baby, drill!" Sounds pornographic.

If that shouldn't add to your stress, what will? There is only so much your heart can take.


  1. that's terrible. and every time it happens a disaster like this is always because companies want to save money.

    another "funny" stuff is that here it began a campain like: have you seen what happens: so move to nuclear that is greener and safer.

  2. All i know is that this is a tragedy what we are doing to the environment. It hurts

  3. Politics and corporate greed - they go hand in hand. Now I hear that BP has to bear the cost - so I guess someone is taking responsibility.

  4. You're right about that. Big Oil will stop at nothing to keep profits and make more. Greed is the word. You are right about that. It's funny that they complain they don't have the resources to clean it up, but they do have resources to lobby for loose restrictions, and pay big executive bonuses, and pout positive spin PR in motion, and search for more land to exploit for oil, etc. The list goes on.

  5. Corporate greed, indeed, Guys. Their nerve! Fouling up people's oceans as if they were their own backyard. And what about wildlife in that particular area, that is now being made to suffer for their recklessness? Yikes!