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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Draconian Laws and Guinea Worms

State Department Condemns Malawi Conviction | News |

Let this be an opportunity for us to use our storehouse of big Latinized words to express most vehemently our stupefaction at this most unconscionable action.

In this day age when in Portugal, just this week, we see signs of vanguardism and evolution in human rights, we hear of such news in the Old Continent from which, scientists tell us, humankind originated, paleoanthropologically speaking.

Granted, most naturally, that they are "a sovereign nation," but for this vast Universe's sake, is it not time we should look forward to a future of equality and human rights for all?

Convicted of "unnatural acts and gross indecency," we read in the news story. We, most of us, could make a list of all the gross indecencies we witness on a daily basis, and how most Africans barely eke out a living in a most indecent of all social settings on the planet.

We hereby add our voices to the American State Department and condemn in the strongest terms what we can only term gross vacuousness and unsighted inanity.

See here for Facebook comments on a BBC post about the sentencing.

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  1. Most disgusting comments about two human beings on the hallowed BBC Facebook page. It is unfathomable that in this day and age, people from diverse backgrounds but united by one common IDEOLOGY should spew so much hatred. I bet that these bigots kneel down and pray to their God and bible thump ad nauseam to clear their own convoluted conscience. As if Heterosexuality had all the answers and as if heterosexuals were spotless in the grand scheme of things. We can only send you, un-evolved creatures, compassion!