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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Write About? A Case of Writer's Block

Nick Clegg and David Cameron, a bizarre coalition or a hot new bromance?
Elena Kagan, an accomplishment of justice?
Underground blind fishes recently discovered in Brazil, ichthyological breakthroughs?

Plane crashings in far-off lands, and a sole survivor, a matter of destiny?
Bombs blowing up people to smithereens in the ancient world, dashing our hopes?
Peace between bitter foes brought about by marriage, pop culture showing its powers?

Gender equality in South America, Argentina anyone?
General Elections in Brazil 2010, Serra or Roussef?
Religious ideologies owning up to their failures, a success?

Anti-gay crusaders and, well, their gay escorts, hypocrisy?
Kathryn Bigelow for wanting to film in the Triple Frontier, propaganda?
Oil spills and natural disasters, a blame game?

?-Marks the spot!


  1. I love love this blog post. I don't think a coalition government can ever work, no matter how they make it seem. The truth is one group will think it isn't fair. Politicians are here to wreck this world, power hungry men and women. The oil spill is a travesty, if the environment could sue us we would be begging money on the corner today. We are damaging our environment daily with this oil spill and it does appear the steps that could have been taken to remedy the situation were not taken.