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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

I will go all the lengths necessary to shift the present construct that both black and white children have about race bias.

The video has a chilling message. Despite 60 years of desegregation in the United States, we have a surprising and yet devastating idea of the racial thermometer in the nation to the north of the Rio Grande.

The video speaks volumes. And I fear they will not go anywhere if change and a shift in the current paradigm does not take place right today. I am very much right when I write that there is a lot we have to do concerning racial relations in the world.

A change in mindset is long overdue. It is high time a thorough and firm change in the way racial issues are dealt in the United States so that what we see next, when a more scientific and specialized study is carried out, is a renewed effort at improving what we can only consider a dismal, most heartbreaking misconception of the way people see one another.

Will I rest my case? No, I will keep on writing about it and spreading the word. We have got our work cut out for us.


  1. that video is heart-crunching...

  2. Heard about it but didn't watch it. Some things are so ingrained into American culture that correcting it will take more work than we seem able to do.

  3. Old habits die hard, Marc..It takes time.