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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Are Bloggers Parasitic?

Could we possibly? Granted we can see quite clearly that some us will forget to attribute proper credit to our sources of information. The Online Journalism Review has an interesting take on the issue.

The piece written three years ago by Robert Niles says that "by dismissing blogs as 'parasitic,' newspaper journalists make themselves blind to the opportunities that blogging, as well as independent Web publishing in general, offer to both the newspaper industry and newspaper journalists."

I agree. Journalists now have the chance to see firsthand how their reporting on issues is received by their readership and by bloggers. Journalists, not in a thousand years, have the answers to all the questions that plague humanity. They are just as capable of making mistakes or contacting the wrong sources as, shall we say, the next blogger.

We, bloggers, understand that our work is subject to criticism from left and right and not always do we have total command and expertise on the issues we are writing about. Sometimes, we are just striving to be humorous or sarcastic and ironic. Many may be cop to our jive and many need further explaining.

Also, not all bloggers know they are supposed to reveal where they acquire their information. I do. Whenever possible, I cite my sources with a link and with that I hope to give this or that writer at a major online news source a leg up by making their work available to my followers and to others that happen on my blog. Er, all for free!

How's that for a symbiotic relationship?


  1. Well said and to the point...I always try to tell where my source for a subject is coming from...however, when it comes to photos, you can't tell see one picture in one blog, go to the next and it is the same photo, often without any indication as to who is the model or the photographer.
    However, when it comes to my erotic stories, they are all original, my own doing and my political and religious commentaries are mine...albeit I use quotations and references but never fail to list the source.
    you are very good and so is your blog.

  2. Raulito, you have the Latin Charm and I love your compliments....

  3. I thought everyone knew about citing sources, but then I've been in school for a while and the one thing every teacher pushes is the fact that if you don't cite your sources it's plagarism and punishments include everything from failing the class to expulsion from the school.