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Monday, June 7, 2010

Come as You Are, It's a Great World Out There

There could (might, are is) lots of things to write about this spoof (it is a parody, isn't it?) about the now famous McDonald's Gay Ad.

We have however chosen to remain neutral and not say a word. We tend to get lost in our ramblings which, more often than not, are rants and heap mountains of criticism, bad, by the way, on other people's ideas and their notions of what living under a label is.

Well, since there is virtually nothing we can do about the whole affair, let us all just sit down and relax. We should, perhaps, wait for the next installment (there are many now) on the famed commercial.

For some people, however, as we cast our net farther towards the East, that ain't no laughing matter.

We are so blissed we were, most of us, born in the West.


  1. I saw the Iran version of this add too, didnt find it funny or anything

  2. Branden, they say life is no picnic in that country....esp. if you are 'different'.